Hi~hi! Welcome to my secondary blog! o v o I just make posts about all the recent and favorite, anime I watch and make random gifs! 8D yay! Random anime blog!

Current Anime Watchlist

-Fairy Tail

- Happiness Charge PreCure!

- Dokidoki PreCure!

- Naruto Shippuden

- Pokemon XY

Recent Finished Anime

- Ao no Exorcist ~ (Blue Exorcist) 6/28/14 ♥ BEST

- Shingeki no Kyojin ~ (Attack on Titan) 2/16/14


Fairy Tail !


picture your four most straight-laced serious characters

do you have them?


now picture them

playing twister



Is it just me or has Fairy Tail’s animation been really poor since the art change? Its disappointing, especially with all these battles. The plot and everything is so amazing, only if the animation would step it up in frames instead of just a punch then some frozen movement;;